You Do What You Gotta Do,When You Are Sick!

And there you are living despite it all.

Plastering that smile on your face no matter how hard it becomes.

Spreading as much love around as you can. 

Sharing lots of hope with the world. 

Keeping the faith no matter how many times you get knocked down. 

Believing that some how some way it will work out. 

Always knowing you don’t have to be great full it isn’t worse, yet thankful for all you hold dear to your heart. 

Telling yourself that it’s ok that some will never understand what they can’t see as you fight every step you take daily.

And always remembering that your life may be different than you planned, yet youshall never let that keep you from the future. 

#invisibleillness #ivtherapy #ehlerdanlossyndrome #mastcellactivation #dysautonomia #youdowhatyagottado #chronicwarrior 

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