Raising Happy Kids When You Have Chronic Illness

Well don’t we all just wish we had a magic wand for this... I know I wish I did, but I don’t. 

But what I do have is hope & faith that somehow, someway it’s going to all work out. How I have no idea , but taking one day at a time is the first step to anything along the way.

I have been struggling for 4 official years with chronic illness, correction almost 4 1/2 years by this point. And even though there were signs there before this is when the going got tough began.

I wish I could tell you it’s easy. But I won’t lie it’s been the hardest adventure of my life so far. And being a mama has become a bit more challenging at times when I feel my worst.

Yet in the same breath being a mama has become one of the things that keep me pushing to try new things, and learn to tweak things along the way so I don’t always feel though I am sitting on the sidelines.

But you will also have those days that you feel as though you are a ghost in your life just watching out the window as others are living their life & you want to jump in yet you are too sick & weak that day to do a thing.

But it comes to the bottom line of things with chronic illness and raising happy kids. You see my kids know a lot about my health yet not to much that would scare them. They know mama faints a lot & I will eventually get up, they know mama falls down for no reason at all, they know that mama is really tired most of the time, they know mama has a lot of pain ....

But the most important thing they know is that mama loves them more than life it’s self, they know that mama saves all her energy for them, they know that mama is always there to make them feel better, they know that mama will always kiss them good night even if it’s through FaceTime on a hospital stay, they know that mama has a crazy side to me that will always make them laugh, they know that mama is so proud of them everyday.

I have been able to see my kids grow before my eyes everyday , I am blessed with that for sure. They are so compassionate and understanding to all they meet. And know matter how sick I may feel they love me right through it as I do them.

We don’t focus our daily lives around me being sick with chronic illness , yet instead we all focus on living well the best way we can from day to day.

So what is the secret sauce to raising happy kids when you have chronic illness... who knows is the answer in the big picture everyone is a little different.

Yet I have found it’s to be honest, stay positive even on your really bad days, give extra cuddles always, learn to laugh at yourself , let go of the guilt ( it’s not your fault you are sick), remember money doesn’t make people happy it’s time that is the pricesless treasure to give, show your kids how to be kind to others , teach them that we are all different ( for there is no normal) , know that it’s ok not to be ok, don’t wear that hiding mask all the time (communication is key ), do the best you can and remember you are always enough , we are human you can’t move mountains over night & patience takes practice, take baby steps with all that you do & be proud of that. Then finally with each day just wake up take a deep breath & remember if you don’t got this shit today then try again tomorrow .

If you made it to the end , thank you for reading xo keep fighting friends.

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