For All Those Times...

For all those times I was so scared to share my story on social media or my blog. For all those times I cried because someone said it was dumb and I posted to much or shared my story. For all those times people unfriended me because they didn't understand. For all the rude things I would hear. For all the friends that quit talking to me when I got sick for I couldn't do as much & my life was different now. WELL IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!! I have had so many people over the the years that have reach out to me about my conditions and many that have just been diagnosed. And even a Mom said to me " Tara if you didn't share your story & inspire me I never would have known what to do to get my daughter the answers she needed to start coping with her condition. I stand here proud today. I am just a simple country girl with big dreams, finding ways to live well while being sick & yes I still have lots to give. I have stuck with it all, even when others doubted me. Even with days I could barely move from the pain & dizziness. I am here to give hope & help to not let others give up. I can't do it for them but I can motivate & give free hugs like no other . I have meant so many amazing people & many that have turned into my second family that are always there so we can lift each other up, especially on the bad days. And I am able to help guide my daughter through her journey for I have been able to experience it first. I am chronically ill yes indeed, but their is so much more to me than my diagnosis. It's not about the perfect body or perfect health... For it doesn't exist. It's about being able to keep trying to feel better, being truly happy no matter how much your life plans have changed,being proud of the skin you are in , keeping the faith & to keeping working for the things you truly want to change. Don't doubt yourself, you never know who can relate to you , the difference you can make in one act of kindness or how you might inspire someone to change their life for the better. I say "Keep sharing friends❤️❤️❤️" For people can mock you They can block you They can join you But they can't stop you Always remember when you fear what people think ,you are the only you in the world and be proud of that!  

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