Healthcare workers & being on the other side of things 

I know I know you are super jealous and want to be me right nowLOL! But I must do this myself hehe . Fun times for blood work & getting MRI discs for my neurosurgeon 💃🏻💃🏻

Here's to amazing peeps that work their ass off everyday to take care of us. I am so appreciative every day for all they do. #healthcareworkersRock!

See, that used to be me on the other side of things. I was that healthcare worker for 10 plus years, and little did I realize at such a young age it would be me ... that patient that feels like I live at the doctors office.

Between all the tests, all the specialists, all the appointments. It's all very over whelming.

But each time I sit down in a chair on that side of things I always remember me being the one that was caring for others. I wanted to bring them comfort, I didn't want to rush things... I wanted to make them smile through it all no matter what they were struggling with. For it was not my job to cure them. It was my job to be there for them and just what they needed me to do.

The patients and the healthcare works views can be so different. But you must never forget that we are all going through something in our life , no matter which side we are on.

I know make sure that at every appointment I tell the ones I come into connact with how thankful I am for what they do. For I now still get to see them smile even though I am now the patient.

Be thankful and let all those you cross paths with know it. For no one wants to be the patient but for some of us that becomes our journey and we do have the power to make of it what we want. I want to spread incurable courage. For the courage and kindness deserves to be share.

Stay strong and love on!!

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