Do You See Your Own Beauty?

You know how others see you isn't as important as you see yourself?

Beauty is so much more than mere appearances. As I was connecting with others today about the topic loving yourself. I know that it took me far to long to find it with in me to love myself too, just as I am with all my imperfections.

But I make sure as a mama that I am teaching my children to do this & everyone's life I get the gift to touch. True beauty isn't from the things you have or the make up you wear. Beauty doesn't have a weight limit.

I always like to compare it too ,Butterflies which are my favorite so I look at them and often think of this... Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are. But everyone else can. I often think we are all just like that.

But one thing we can all do for ourselves better than anyone else is be yourself, be true to you... love your body and all that comes with it.

For when you do that you have unleashed the secret weapon to it all ... happiness. Take time today to see the true beauty everywhere... notice it , see it , be it & love it.

For you are all beautiful!

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