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Hi Welcome to Incurable Courage @ My name is Tara Tomco. I created this website in hopes to touch others lives. To not only share my reality of all that comes with my daily life, yet to hopefully share some tips, encouragement & lots of incurable courage along the way.

A little bit about me. I am a wife & mama to two beautiful children. I am full of life with lots of love to give with a dash of sass. 

I grew up in a small town in Central Pennsyvania. My childhood was wonderful, loving parents & a brother with a heart of gold. Then the teenage years hit, well these years too were probably like many others hitting heads with my parents thinking I knew everything haha. But that wasn't all there was about those years. The teenage years I also struggled with a long term eatting disorder. Looking back now it didn't feel like long, yet to my parents it felt like forever.

Fast forward a bit. Got married in 2007, had two beautiful babies, worked a job I loved at the hospital.....then bam!!! I got really sick. Yeah you know those symptoms you have been having for what feels like years,then they all build up to land you in the hospital where things start to make sense of why you have been feeling like ass. Yep that was me.

Feburary 2004 changed my world.This is where the diagnosis list began to emerge. Now I wont go into every single detail for that would take me a year. But bottom line is one thing led to another, I started out with doctors that had no idea what they were doing...then I am now with a amazing team of doctors that are helping me along the way. Now these amazing team of doctors that I speak of took 4 years to put them all together. So if you have chronic illness like me, buckle up its going to be a ride you will never forget.

So, I know I am not technically defined by my diagnosis, yet they have become a big part of my life and the way I live it. So allow me to share with you my diagnosis list by this point ....

*Dysautonomia*Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia*Mast Cell Actiation* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome*Chronic Migraines*Brain Tumor (just being watched at this point)*Ehlers Danlos Syndrome*PXE*Heart Asd* Heart Valve Reguratation*Chronic Pain Syndrome*Snycope Sezuires*Cervical Spine Degeneration* .... well off the top of my head at this moment thats what I can think of and I am sure they are subject to change for I have one of those lists that just keeps growing. 

Well as you can read right there that is one heck of a list right. Yeppers, well that is all what brings me here to today and the days ahead sharing my story and my life with you. For through it all I have decided to turn my mess into my message.

Feel free to contect with me anytime through social media or right here. For online conections and friends has become a big part of me being able to connect with others now that I am homebond.

© 2015-2018    by Tara Tomco. All Rights Reserved.

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